Sunday, June 20, 2021

Once More by the Lake

 (tanka series)

endless shades of green--
a twig tells of your sure step
softly behind me--
this sound once more by the lake
and your petals unfolding

a whirl of sheer skirt
follows your proposition
through the torn screen door--
heavy-scented spring twilight
rolls down the nape of your neck

sure knowledge of change--
fish break the silver surface
with liquid desire--
sparrows call as young stars rise
through quietly tossed dark hair

moon on still water--
blossoms floats on the white pond
becoming nipples--
my head rests in your warm lap--
crickets speak of this moment

a single wet kiss--
lips have no meaningful words
for their fierce mating--
ripe love under the heavens
speaks only in ancient tongues

two arcs of sapling--
the silent lake uncaring
if they are tangled--
wet glory of coming days
that cannot hide nakedness

~William Hammett

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