Saturday, July 10, 2021

Prose Works by William Hammett

In addition to writing poetry for most of my life, I have published a great deal of fiction under my own name (as opposed to the many works I have produced as a ghostwriter). The novels may be purchased on Amazon. Click the links below, Google, or visit Other works are unpublished or are, at present, under literary representation.


John Lennon and the Mercy Street Cafe (Booklocker, 2007) Magical Realism

Street Magic (Word Wrangler Press, 2015) Horror

The Ghost of Richard Brautigan (Word Wrangler Press, 2015) Literary Fiction

Rimsky Rises (Word Wrangler Press, 2015) Young Adult

Circling Goes the Wind (Word Wrangler Press, 2015) Middle Reader

Beautiful Bones (Word Wrangler Press, 2002) out of print

Other titles on Amazon labeled "by William Hammett" were not authored by me.

Flash Fiction

Richard Brautigan: Stories in His Style (published online)

Short Stories

Short stories I have written have not been collected, although two were published. As time permits, they may be offered online, in addiition to others I never submitted.

"Orphans," Rose and Thorn Journal
"Lily Fourshanks, in Search of God"
"The Five Dollar Apocalypse"

Books I have authored, edited, or collaborated on as a ghostwriter are generally protected by non-disclosure agreements or contractual confidentiality. Some clients have given me permission to list their books, and these may be found on my ghostwriting website, the link for which may be found in the sidebar of this site.

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