Monday, June 21, 2021

Emily Dickinson, I Love You

Under the cover
of heavy odor—
I would sit
long nights
with the Queen
of Calvary—

the White Gown—
Bride of Eternity—
the silence
which sang
in such a loud Whisper
of the calyx—
the bloom—
the logarithms
of a Star—
the Geometry
of Death—

should all
of Amherst
look away—
no Kiss
would I tender—
merely wait
at the window—
the hummingbird’s
surcease of Sorrow—

that is not
entirely true—

if the Moon
could find
her Cheek—
and I could be
he Moon—
I would brave
such discreet
and silent Ecstasy.

~William Hammett

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