Monday, May 27, 2024


The humpback spins, torques, sprays,
breaches the wave-capped skin of ocean,
the skein of rolling foam and blue.

The sky and sea explode unbounded
from the newfound sexual seam that is horizon,
undreamt of in his deepwater philosophy

of pods piloting in hazy cataract.
He is suspended in beatific view,
fixed and freed in transcendental fugue.

I wake within a dream, impressionism’s blur,
to discover the crystal lucidity of sight,
consciousness squared and multiplied by joy.

Suspended above the bustle of a crowded street,
I feel the vibrations of a thousand strings
plucked into harmonies beyond the scales

fallen from my eyes and unknown clefs.
Everything is rhythm ejaculating symphony
as rich and rhyming as any spiral arm

speckled with star stuff in a pinwheel galaxy.
In rare moments, I rise from my skin
to see that this wonderworld is mere illusion.

I am only mind inside a greater mind
observing the frequency of beget, believe, become.
A transparent eyelid blinks to behold

the marvel of behold, I and thou,
before I sink back into the ocean of Adam’s dream
and sing another meandering, migratory song.

~William Hammett

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