Friday, March 25, 2022

Like a Wheel Rolling

The unrelenting rain falls on rooftops
and poems and stories and gray gutters,
where it flows to the street and washes

the concrete clean of miles traveled
by lifetimes that were hung juries,
housewives and hobos and the ellipsis

that is mankind’s journey,
millions of steps made by thousands
unless one is a believer in stories

out of print and preserved by memory
against the falling of the rain.
It is a tale as old as cave paintings

and fire and a wheel rolling,
this snatching of narrative from the void,
the road that was grassy and wanted wear.

There are so many stories
I wished to write when the blood
was quicker in the vein,

and one that I did, two fingers typing
a plot arc fashioned from the steps
of my life and gaining momentum,

like a wheel rolling in my heart,
a short story that is out of print
but archived against the falling of the rain.

~William Hammett

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